daisy princess

Anonymous: To be honest I always feel

yes me too pal

Anonymous: i hope youre having a great break from tumblr, i am so happy to see you happy, you deserve it so much. you are such a fantastic person.

ya it’s been short haha„ but good. I feel like I’m a bit less angry and stressed even after a few days! I’m still not back — I’m still gonna be pretty distant and be focusing on other things and I’m gonna try not to care so much about what other people think about me on here. it can get you into a pretty messed up mindset! :-)

Anonymous: I'm pretty sure you're sick of hearing these but- darling you are doing so well. I've seen a definite change in attitude towards food in your posts on Instagram and I'm so proud!

thank you! i absolutely agree and i get a bit proud sometimes too hehe. I just wanna be some kind of beacon of light and hope and positivity for others who aren’t in the good place that I am. and right now I want that more than being sick and small. and I never get sick of hearing that! :’)

msjaniestrider: Tbh you're gorgeous

thank u :-)